Currently accepting Dog Walkers! Email our Volunteer Coordinator at to find out how you can start walking!

You can help cats, dogs, puppies and kittens feel like they are more at home and that people DO CARE! Come down and spend some time with the animals. Human contact is what they need to help them be social and happy. Working with the animals daily allows them the chance to show how adoptable they really are! Plus, working with animals is therapy for people, too! Here are a few ways you can help our shelter animals…


Wear closed-toed shoes, bring your photo ID and take a dog outside to play or for a walk on the great walking path around the pond! They love attention, and exercise is essential to prevent stress during their stay in the shelter.


Pet the adult cats. A little love makes them feel like someone cares. (Please do not touch kittens. Do not open the cages of scared or feral cats.)


Sit in the community cat rooms and enjoy the little guys & gals! This is a great job for kids. We provide plenty of toys to interact with the cats. 


Please remember:

  • Always handle animals with caution and respect

  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times

  • Must be 16 years old to help out without a parent

  • Always sanitize your hands between handling each animal (Hand sanitizer is provided around the Shelter)

  • Be cautious. We do not know the complete history of most of the animals as they are stray or abandoned.

  • Do not walk dogs without permission from the staff. Do not walk a dog that could be risky or dangerous in any way (especially if you have children with you.)

  • Direct any questions from the public to the front desk or a member of our kennel staff


If you have any questions, please contact us!


DISCLAIMER: You volunteer at your own risk. The Shelter and Neo's Nation Animal Foundation will not be held liable for any injury obtained during volunteering. This is at YOUR OWN RISK.