Volunteers are at the heart of what we do.  We simply could not survive without you!  As we move forward, there may be some slight changes to our volunteer program - all necessary steps to increase safety for both you and the animals.  Again, we are incredibly grateful for your paw'some support!

Our Volunteer Positions Include:


Cat and Dog Kennel Assistants: Walking and exercising dogs, brushing and combing dogs and cats, playing with puppies, handling kittens and cats, cleaning animal enclosures, dishes, and doing laundry.
Outreach Efforts: Have fun and help educate the public at the same time about the mission of TCAS/BFHS and the need for adoptive homes, especially for those who may be harder to adopt. Under the direction of the Development Director, help organize fundraisers, set up tables and chairs, man booths.
Offsite Adoptions: Under the direction of our Adoption Coordinator, organize and help execute adoption events and complete adoption of animals. Supervise animals at all times to ensure animals are safe and enjoying the event.
Office Help: Working in our shelter office and reception area is a great way to build your resume! From filing to reception duties and more, volunteering helps free our staff to provide more direct care for our animals
Data Entry/Medical Intake Assistant: Assist medical staff during intakes, input data on individual animals regarding vaccinations, surgeries, or other procedures.
Photography: Use your photography skills to help our animals find homes! Not quite sure about your skills behind a camera? Assist photographers by handling animals and help the photographer get that purrr-fect shot!
Other Opportunities: Donor stewardship, humane education, and more!


Join us! Give one day, one hour, or one small deed. It will make a difference, you’ll see.

For more information, please visit www.bfhs.com/volunteer - start the process to become a TCAS/BFHS volunteer today!

Become a Foster Parent

Thank you for considering becoming a shelter pet foster parent!!  Every now and then one of our animals is in need of a foster home. This could be due to a variety of reasons including stress, illness, or age. Shelters are always in need of more foster homes for kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs!

Why We Need You

Foster volunteers help our cause by caring for animals offsite, which frees up space at the shelter for animals who may desperately need it. Temporary fosters are also needed in case our foster homes are full and we are in need of a home in the meantime. Foster parents provide love, care, socialization, and they also actively help find homes for their foster babies. Foster homes also protect the animals who may be too young for vaccination or too old to fight illness from spending time in the high-traffic shelter environment.

Types of Animals Fostered

For adult dogs and cats, during their stay at TCAS/BFHS it sometimes becomes apparent that they are not thriving in the shelter environment. Fosters can help these animals by opening their homes and providing a more relaxing situation that lowers their stress level and increases their adoptability. For infant puppies and kittens, sometimes they just need a place to grow and express themselves before they are ready for adoption. Animals who are in need of TLC while recovering or ill are in need of foster homes, and so are animals who need some socialization to increase their adoptability.

Time Commitment

Foster parents for kittens should be able to house for 9-10 weeks, this allows ample time for them to reach their 2lb and 8-week spay/neuter qualification. Foster litters are first come, first served. The greatest need for kitten fosters is May through October.

Other Considerations

Foster cats/kittens must be kept indoors at all times. Most foster animals have limited immunity, and so it is best that they remain separated from your own pets (preferably in a different room). When outside, puppies and dogs must be supervised in an enclosed yard or on a leash.   Please contact our foster coordinator, Natalie, by email: natalieh@bfhs.com or phone: (509) 374-4235 or volunteer foster assistant, Michelle, by email: tcasfoster@gmail.com or phone: (509) 539-1865. We're more than happy to help!